Beginnings Part Six

Once more into the journal dear friends.

March 29th

Cops brought in a lawyer to speak with me.

Ate lawyer’s brains.

Cops were sympathetic, but told me they’d still have to charge me for his murder.

Asked how many lawyers I’d have to eat to get the charges dropped.

Not sure they were joking when they said ‘All of them.’

I have to say that was amongst one of the worst experienced of my life – or unlife.

Eating a lawyer’s brain is like being drunk, but with none of the fun stuff that goes along with it. For day’s afterwards I was contrary, argumentative, couldn’t see straight or walk straight. I had a tendency to try and walk at angles and in corkscrews.

Given the choice, I’d eat a plumbers brain over that of a lawyers. In fact I’d rather starve than go through that again.


~ by qorvus on August 13, 2009.

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